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About Mount Shamballa
2006-2011 are the most important years for humanity
Sri Aurobindo extolled the virtues of this new era and stated that "He is the reason for a New Human Consciousness*, its descent which is entirely a Vedic concept. Masters born later are providing enough resources to this New human Consciousness. In continuation of this Divine work named Continuity of Consciousness Dr R.K a forerunner of Scientific Spiritualism has started many a Ashrams , Spiritual Labs, Education centers. Now at Mount Shamballa( A small village in the outskirts of Nalgonda District and Piglipur of Rangaraeddi District named .Deshmukhi) he has sown the seeds which is growing now as a direct link to Himalayas.

Endocrinology - The Science of Chakras - Sri Maha yogeeswari.

A new science is being developed as a Science of Shatchakra using 7 energy centers connected to Human Body.(5+2=7). The temple of Sri Mahayogeswari Devi here is used to experiment explain and show results of this Science of Shatchakras.

Continuity of Consciousness -Akhanda Gurusatta

It is a wonderful opportunity to aspirants who dare to learn spiritualism-as shown by the Akhand Gurusatta forming a group under the Dr. Mareila Sri Rama Krishna Master leadership of a Guru to march fast in the evolutionary cycle. For this divine purpose Dr R.K has sown a seed here.

Right Relation ships= Yagnya vidya (Science of Sacrifice) Yagnya Vidya or The Science of Sacrifice a ceremony where fire water earth are used physically and the energies of Space or sky and Air are used with Mantras. Celestial Chanting through the fire medium enter into the atmosphere and enters into the minds of the people in a subtle way. For this synthesis of Continuity of Consciousness, and Endocrinology Yagnya Vidya is used. The wiring and Connecting tower is the Yagnya Vidya. For this at Mount Shamballa Yagna is continuously being performed 24*7.

The Specialty of the place

A great lighting is seen to the peasants on Mount Shamballa in the past. In 1988 Sivaratri this Light is stopped after there was a heavy snowfall. The Hillock is filled with Ice for 5 to 6 feet height and for the next 10days the ice was there solid without melting. This incident is unprecedented anywhere in the world. This is a big proof that this is the Descent of Divine Consciousness at this hillock. All the devotees who visited \the Shamballa could feel this divine pouring in every inch. Thus the Hyderabadi Devotees of Dr R.K were blessed.

Mahalaxmi temple

Yada Yadaahi Dharmasyaha Glaanirbhavathi Bharatha!
Abhyutdhanamadharmasya Tadaatmanam Srujamyaham! Meaning: Oh Arjun! whenever there is a problem with Dharma I create myself. I descend in a Physical form. IN this way Vishnu or Fohat descends to re-establish or to protect his Government. The Vaishnavi Energy of this Avatara is Mahalaxmi. In nature the Goddess of richness creates many resources through 8 of her own forms. Samtana laxmi (a form which governs procreation) Dhanyalaxmi (a form which governs food) Dhanalaxmi (a form which governs currency of exchange) Gajalaxmi( a form which governs energies) Vijayalaxmi (a form which governs successful implementation of various forces) Veeralaxmi (a form which governs the winning of any cause) Adilaxmi (the primordial goddess of richness from where all other laxmi descend) Aishwarya laxmi (a form of goddess which governs richness in all resources useful to life) All the above 8 temples of iaxmis on Mt.Shamballa are exactly facing Ashta Dikkulu or 8 comers. Adilaxmi - East, Dhanalaxmi - South East, Santana Laxmi -South, Gajaiaxmi - South west, Vijayalaxmi - west, veeralaxmi-northwest, Aishwaryalaxmi - North, Dhanya laxmi - North East .

Navagraha Santhi can be done by doing 112 pradakshinas to these 8 temples.In the first pradakshin 9 coconuts should be offered (break them and offer to the deity) and 112 nd prada kshina another 9 coconuts should be offered. Total 18 coco nuts should be offered in the lines of Pradakshina, Teertha (it is the water in coconuts) and prasada.

The devotees should spend 40 days on the Mount to get required resources or get their problems solved from these 8 temples or do the pradakshinas daily from 5 to 8 a.m. and 4 to 7 p.m.in the proper guidance of Ashram Guides. For ex;- For Children one has to worship Santanalaxmi For Monetary problems one has to worship Dhanalaxm.

Hanuman - Sanjeevani

In this New Era Manu and Anjaneya are Ruling Brahmas. Hanuman is the son of Vayu or the God of Air. \ASHTASIDDHINAVANIDHIKE DATTAASAVARA DEENHA JANAKI MATA which explains Hanuman is the authority of 8 siddhis of Nature who has seen Janakidevi or ashtalaxmi is a Mantra Drashta(A person who has realized the power of a particular mantra its uses, applications and results with proper experiments) and is Permitted to donate the rich resources available in all the 9 planets. Tulasidas thus explained all the above mentioned powers of Hanuman in Chalisa. People who chant 108 times Hanuman Chalisa worshipping the deity SanjeevaniHanuman in Mt.shamballa and do pradakshinas to Ashtalaxmi temple 8*9=72 times will get results according to their Mental Maturity and Physical Ability.


(The pradakshina of whole hillock and its importance)
SLOKA: Yanikanicha Papani Jnatha Jnatha Kritanicha Tani sarvani pasyanthi pradakshinam pade pade! Meaning: In pradakshina every foot you step forward erase all your sins done knowingly or unknowingly. Ali the Physical and mental diseases are due to the sins committed in his family and society. Pradakshinas erase such sins of all. Health and Wealth is increased. To get good results one should do 7*16-=112 pradakshinas. The importance of 112 is 7 chakras or energy centres in our body are 7 symbols for 7 planets and 7 chakras are affected by Moon or Mind. There are 16 phases in Moon. This sadhana of doing 112 pradakshinas is called the Chakra Sadhana or Kundalini Sadhana. Another Method: Pradakshinas Non-stop for 2hrs.daily.The reason for this sadhana is of the 5 pranas (prana,apana,udana,vyana or samana) of our body each one works for 24 minutes only. Kuja(mars) ,budha(mercury) guru(jupiter) sukra(venus), sani(saturn)planets each shows their effect on our body for 2 hrs. Pranothdhana Sadhana is a sadhana which links the above mentioned planets or pranas in 120mts or 2 hrs 5*24=120 which is the reason for a specific changes in our system. This 24mts. is given by our Ancient Sages of Wisdom as Gayatri Mantra.By knowing the Speciality or Importance of Pradakshina doing this Mt.Shamballa"s Giri Pradakshina (circumbulating the hillock) all should experience, judge and spread the message of Science of pradakshinas to near and dear getting the required results. Sadhaks who want to participate in this classes of New Era of Education taught from this centre visit and consult the following addresses to become partners in the progress of self and humanity.

Highlights of this centre are
1. Bhagavata Yagnam performed here for a year. The Ashramites could never find anything to remove from the Yagnya kundi not even ash. Gurudev says, "The holy ash is directly being sucked by Himalyan Sages".
2.When they couldn't find water at Mtshamballa, Dr R.K has written a mono syllable "cha" on a rock. " cha" Beejakshar is for water. The Water is found Later to the astonishment of the Ashramites, just below where Dr R.K has written "cha" when they have dugged and removed a Big Rock, The Rock has this mark 'cha1 letter written in Teiugu. The rock is still there. The cha letter on the Rock looks like inscription but it is definitely not. in this Mt.Shamballa on the Birthday of Pujya Gurudev ace to lunar calendar they have drawn a ShreeYantra on a big plot measured 100*100feet. All the triangles of Sriyantra were created by bricks. The circles, angles even created by bricks and inside circles and angles they have put Havana kinds where the symbols are. After making a perfect Sriyantra with proper colors painted on it To their surprise they have found 108 kinds only.Many a miracle happened on this Mount Shambafla.lt anybody makes a visit once, they will come to know about all the happenings.

(An extract from the website: www.missionrk.com)

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